Thursday, January 28, 2010

It has been snowing this great, big, fluffy, Currier & Ives snow all afternoon, but unfortunately it looks like it has just been raining. The sun is coming out just in time to duck behind the buildings and disappear into the gloaming. I'm sitting at my desk doing tasks that don't require a hammer but must get done in order to keep everything on a forward track. I promise myself that I am going to go out and do a little more hammer work on the Pembroke kitchen. I finished the tiling yesterday and here is a picture of it before I grouted.... This morning I cut a new toe kick in for the end cabinet. Even though we planned for a recessed toe kick and ordered it that way, it didn't come recessed and was still installed. Sometimes you do take a step backwards when making things right -- but this backward, in time only, step is going to be part of a great finished product.


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