Thursday, February 4, 2010

The naked truth is that it is very likely a project will start up before the previous project is completely done. In my world, that is written into my schedule. I start my projects with people who prepare, demo, clean and get the initial project started. That leaves me with the final details and punch list on my other "in progress and nearing completion" projects. If I could run completely linearly, I would, but then, I would need more than one of me. My goal is to make all my clients 110% happy and I couldn't sleep if it weren't so.

Today I started a new project -- actually it began long before Thanksgiving -- but today the walls came down. It is exciting and scary at the same time. But, that is how we make progress. So now I have two big projects -- one that is getting the final coat of wonderful and the other that is getting a good sledge hammer, dust, drop clothes, and a vacuum. Did I really think there were going to be that many wires and a main sewer drain (yes to the sewer drain).

My double ballroom renovation, as I like to call it, is underway. My task is to take an intact, beautiful space from the 1880s and retain its character and feel while putting in a great new kitchen. The space is designed. Now watch it as it unfolds.....


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