Monday, March 8, 2010

Puerto Vallarta and the Particulars

I have returned -- Both myself and my projects are still intact. I can easily say that being unwired for 9 days is a delight and I highly recommend it for anyone. Sun, surf, avocados, limes, fresh fish, and margaritas are supposed to be enjoyed without the din of work. Ah, that was Puerto Vallarta.....

I have been told that I am particular in a particular way -- meaning that those items or manners that are particular to me are important and quite constant, and the other things that I'm not so particular about are really not that important. Adventure, good friends, good food, logic, intelligence, social responsibility, respect, and kindness are some of the first that come to my mind. And those who know me, certainly do know that I will give my opinions freely, quickly, and in detail about those things that I have a particular interest.

Back to work!



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