Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gert is a Monster

Gert is a monster.

Gert, my wonderful, energetic, smart, beautiful, athletic, stubborn German Shorthaired Pointer, the crazy girl that she is, ate 2 months supply of dog arthritis medicine on Monday. The vet told me not to expect her to live past the weekend. I thought she was going to pass last night.

She is up and about today, eating and drinking and following me around. Go figure.

I have now spent 1 month waiting for her to die from her enlarged heart -- the vet said any other dog would have already succumbed -- and the past three days in mess and tears.

She is one strong bitch.

We'll see if she beats this second death sentence as well.

Gert is not one to be put down. She has been up and going all day -- though not with her usual energy. However, she is 110% better than yesterday and there was not even a thought of calling in the vet.

Now, I now she is not going to live forever. But, if she beats this for a little while, against the thoughts of the Vet, she will be a trooper. And you know what? I am betting on her.

You can only begin to think of the tears I have shed thinking about this vital and beautiful creature leaving me by myself.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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