Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little rain must fall....

But hopefully not through your roof.

Instead of tiling today, I had to figure out why water, and not just a little, was flowing through a ceiling a floor below the roof. I knew it couldn't possibly be through the roof I had repaired, and then installed a mahogany deck upon.

Upon pulling up the mahogany decking -- thank you stainless steel screws -- I discovered a number of plastic bags, trash, and other detritus that I knew I had not left there. Thanks to a furry animal of sorts, the trash had been stashed and the rubber roof ripped open in the hopes of building a new winter home. Within minutes of isolating the hole, tearing out the saturated roof insulation, and bailing the water out of the space, the leak stopped. I completed a mini repair with some tarp and now have on my list a roof to replace.


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