Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boston Building Materials Co-op Article

I have been using the Boston Building Materials Resource Center for years. Anytime I can remove something of value from a remodel and make it available for someone else to re-use or re-purpose the item, I do. I have also used this marketplace to pick up building materials for myself or my clients, continuing the cycle of recycle. There website is WWW.BBMC.COM

I usually need to explain to my clients why I keep most wood removed for a renovation project on site during the entire project. First, if I can reuse it then we don't need to pay for its disposal. Second, old wood is dimensioned differently and can be very valuable for building out anything to a new or existing plane. And third, from an archeological and historical perspective - in 100 years when someone renovates one of my projects -- some of the wood and objects have context within the house. For instance, beams, floor sheathing, and wall framing material were often marked with Roman numerals to indicate their positioning. So I have saved old timbers marked with Roman numerals I to XV and then reused the sturdy and well preserved wood right back where if was initially purposed.


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