Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend

What a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, thought Bruner as he rode home on the ferry from Provincetown.

Bruner had never been to Provincetown, or so we believed, and so was introduced to the long walks on Commercial Street, sitting for coffee, stopping to sniff and say hello to people and friends on the way, chasing a stick in front of the Boatslip and running like a stallion across the sands and pools of water in the harbor at low tide.

He did have a mishap while running after every buoy, seagull, flock of seabirds, horseshoe crab and other eye candy he saw. Somewhere in his travels he stepped on something that cut a stitchable gash in his front paw. Was it at the beginning of the romp or the end? I'll never know, but I doubt it slowed him down one bit. He looked utterly pleased even when I couldn't see him because he was so far away or disappearing up to his ears in the water. Thank goodness Dr. Jay was around to fix and bandage him up.

We had a nice ride home on the ferry and then a leisurely ride in our neighborhood Boston Pedicab. Both of us are quite content. Thanks Alex for your man power!


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