Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tweet Tweet

This  Bird has Tweeted.

I have climbed onto the social ox cart of Twitter (no bandwagons for me, thank you).

My first tweet went out this morning - "Lady DeBird's Boom Boom Room is open for business. Be aware. Be very aware."

I still hold true to the line I drew in the sand  a few years ago - I am not going to join FaceBook (anytime soon if that softens a future blow)... that gated community in the sky for intelligent, successful, bon vivant, tanned, rich, cultured souls.

I am going to instead, let my stream of consciousness flow on Twitter.  We'll see how successful this little social experiment works.

My nest coordinates for these birds eggs of wit and wisdom is DeBoomBoomRoom.  Yes, Twitter.  The name comes from an amalgamation of a number of places, things, and ideas that I hold somewhat dear.  They will come to light if you put your mind to it.

I will assure you that I won't be twachting (tweeting from a yacht) anytime soon.  You might get some twiing, twammering, twinking (not to be confused with twink +ing), or dog twalking if you're not careful.

Let the birds fly...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Reduced Factors

I was explaining my decision process to someone today.  I was detailing all the inputs - that I deemed transitory and important -- for my equation.

He simply said reduce the important factors and see how that works.

Point taken.

Theory applied.

Various shapes and sizes of pain and agony

From my dear Mother -- I told her she has the capability and can do the happy....

"We were various shapes and sizes of pain and agony."  Anne DeBord speaking about her Thursday Bridge Club

This is precious.  This is happy.  This is honest.  This tells it all.  A pragmatic view of life told with a smile.

Keep it up Mom.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The New Year as it goes...

I am ensconced in Idaho.   I had planned on doing some skiing with my niece and nephew but we were thwarted by the lack of snow.  I was also going to spend time with other friends, but instead have found myself at my parents home in Payette, Idaho where I have not been in years.

My Dad has had a few health issues this past year - including cutting off his ear when a trash barrel fell on him - but is doing okay, and doing okay with a fairly good smile.  He has been wearing a bladder catheter for a few days which became clogged on New Year's Eve. My mom and I took him to the emergency room about 3AM on the 1st.  I thought there would be a bunch of drunk and bloodied revelers in the ER, but we were pretty much alone.  We just had to flush an obstruction out of his catheter and back home we went.

I've been cleaning out my mother's cupboards.  She has so much crap.  I said either participate in the winnowing now, or I'll toss it all when she is gone.  Heartless, I know.   We've made some great progress.  I gave her an A for the refrigerator - no bad food, just some rearranging...and throwing out a big tub of those restaurant ketchups and mayos.  Okay, there were a few foods six months past their expiration date, but I can't point fingers at that without being a bit of a hypocrite.

It is nice to be hanging with my parents.  I watched The Help last night.  I've been to the store across the street twice for beer.  I went to Albertson's once for groceries and a second time to prove to my mother that they carry rice. (I know, crazy).  The important thing is that we are just being and just spending time.  Yes, there are some raised voices (usually mine), but we've made head way on having a positive outlook, being thankful even amid health adversity, on trying to explain that I shouldn't be labeled as the bad son (always), and that you can teach an old dog a new trick -- albeit begrudgingly.

I had the following observation today:

A man with a bladder bag, a man with a wobble and a cane, a woman with a walker, and a man in a hoodie and sun glasses meet on the street...

Oh wait, that isn't the start of a joke, that was my afternoon walk with my Dad.

It will be us one day, and for some funny reason, I felt very comfortable with that today.  There was an at peace understanding as my dad and his friends met and said hello.  I felt in their eyes they were as young and vibrant as ever.  I was very much warmed by the smile in their eyes and hearts.

Later in the day, my Dad and I went out to the golf course my grandfather envisioned years ago.  Family and roots are sometimes pushed aside, but they always remain strong.

I've  been cooking dinner and raising conversation topics.  Ive been taking care of showers, clean clothes and water for Dad.  I even fixed the leaky water spigot for the refrigerator.

This is fun.  Seriously.  It will be time well remembered.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bruner and The new Year

Bruner Von Bierstein
December 2011
The Sheepfold Ponds

I think there is a cat out there. I swear. I just heard it.

I'm going to treat the New Year like Bruner treats sounds, smells and glimpses. There is something out there and I want to get it. I don't know what it is; I don't know if I can chase it, catch it, or eat it; I don't know what it is, but I am going to find out. It might come jumping out of the bushes at me, but I can run fast and I'm smart.

I want to find out what is out there. I am going to find out.