Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tweet Tweet

This  Bird has Tweeted.

I have climbed onto the social ox cart of Twitter (no bandwagons for me, thank you).

My first tweet went out this morning - "Lady DeBird's Boom Boom Room is open for business. Be aware. Be very aware."

I still hold true to the line I drew in the sand  a few years ago - I am not going to join FaceBook (anytime soon if that softens a future blow)... that gated community in the sky for intelligent, successful, bon vivant, tanned, rich, cultured souls.

I am going to instead, let my stream of consciousness flow on Twitter.  We'll see how successful this little social experiment works.

My nest coordinates for these birds eggs of wit and wisdom is DeBoomBoomRoom.  Yes, Twitter.  The name comes from an amalgamation of a number of places, things, and ideas that I hold somewhat dear.  They will come to light if you put your mind to it.

I will assure you that I won't be twachting (tweeting from a yacht) anytime soon.  You might get some twiing, twammering, twinking (not to be confused with twink +ing), or dog twalking if you're not careful.

Let the birds fly...


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