Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Hat

My Hat – My World

I am father, I am son.

I am mother, I am lady.

I give birth to thought.

I am nurture, I am nature.

I am a rock, I am sand.

I throw pearls before swine and string pearls of wisdom for all to hear.

I am a question mark, I am the answer.

I am enveloped in solitude, I am surrounded by friends.

I am Adam’s apple, Eve’s rib, and perhaps the Devil’s serpent – yet there is no bite.

I am a broken oar ready to paddle forward.

I am death, I am rejuvenation.

With every shedding of my skin I grow.

Always lead, I won’t always follow.

Always follow, I might forget you are there.

I am a strong tree living tall through fire.  I am dry driftwood.

I am a river. 

I am fast.

I am calm. 

I spill violently over my banks.

I uncover the rocks of my bed.

I eddy backwards and then rejoin myself.

As I flow, I grow.  I gather speed and force.

Join me.

I am a river until I am no more.

Christopher DeBord


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